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So Much in Store...

I am a member of a formal group where we celebrate milestones with gift giving.
I often gifted bath and body products because self-care is important to me. I would arrange these items into beautiful gift baskets. As these gifts were given others noticed how pretty they were, and would ask "where did you get these baskets?" I replied "I make them!!" 
Amazed at the visuals of my craft I started getting requests to create baskets for others. To my surprise these requests came in more and more often and fast! I felt the need to start pre making baskets just to keep up. One day while shopping I realized I had cleared all of the clearance tables of my favorite shops, as well as clearing out much of my bank account! However because of the small success I had experienced I was inspired to invest in myself and start a business. Now with no real experience in business or chemistry I decided that my first move should be education and then research.  With trial and error I was able to narrow down what I wanted to create and why. My continual journey in personal healing has inspired me to promote health and wellness through aroma therapy bath and body products. My dream is to own a  boutique showcasing natural products using essential oils for ancient healing techniques. I am very grateful for all who have supported me thus far and for those who believe in me and SASOSHA Gift Baskets LLC. My heart is overwhelmed with joy for each and every accomplishment and words of encouragement. 
The name SASOSHA is a unique combination of my grandson Saint, myself Sonja, and my daughter Shauna. I now have my second grandchild on the way and I am wondering how to infuse his name into the brand...

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